Friday, February 12, 2010

CSS: Declaring font-size for print

I love the fact that I can still learn something new everyday. It's often the smallest piece of information that makes me think "wow, I never knew that".

As a web developer I shudder when I receive CSS from a designer and everything is specified in pixels and points. The only thing that makes my eyes cross more is using positioning instead of floats, especially when that positioning is absolute.

However, I have just read that apparently in a print stylesheet font size is better defined in points. It makes sense when you think about it. Ems are great on screen because they facilitate text resizing. But as soon as you print, you are moving out of the screen world and back into the print world. Therefore, all of the original rules of design come back into play.


You may find the following resources useful for creating print CSS.

BuilderAU: Tips for Creating CSS Styles for Print by Michael Meadhra
A List Apart: Going to Print by Eric Meyer
Max Design: Building Full CSS Layouts by Russ Weakly

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